This is the single most emotional sports moment of my entire life. Not an avid fan and smarting from the 1994 baseball strike, I vowed never to watch baseball again. Then IT happened.

The 1995 Seattle Mariners comeback was nearly orgasmic for the entire city. I was going to college and by mid-season, the Mariners were in their usual poor form and 13 games down. Then from nowhere, they started to not only win, but win in spectacular fashion. It seemed game after game, they would get behind and then through heroic effort, come back to squeeze out a win. And it seemed every night, it was a different hero until the entire city were in a near religious fever. For the first time in their 19-year history, we really felt like they had a chance for the World Series.

Every night, the city would practically shut down as everyone rushed to a television set. Forget getting a ticket because it was sold out every night. I was working as a security guard at the University and I would sit in front on a TV and ignore my duties for three hours (sometimes not even starting my lock-up rounds until after 10:00 PM and then spend half the night catching up.)

End of Game 5 vs. the Yankees

Far and away the single most emotional moment I’ve ever experienced as a result of sports. Little Joey Cora was on second and Ken Griffey, Jr. was on first. With two outs in the ninth, the Mariners were 1 run behind and all seemed lost. Then there was this moment.

I’ve watched the video and when they show Junior rounding third base, my eyes bulge. He is a home run hitter so not known for his base running speed but when he approaches third and rounds it, for the love of God he is accelerating like a wild, graceful, powerful animal. There was no need to wave him anywhere; he was going for everything and giving the same. When he gets to home and they miss the tag, the team rushes out and dog piles him and the entire dome erupts in a super nova. I thought Dave Niehaus’s heart was going to explode and expected to see glass shatter out his booth in a big explosion.

By Jason Grose


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