The Edgar Chant

One phenomenon that came out of the ALDS in ’95 was the long “Eeeed-gaarrrrrrr” chant that would accompany Edgar Martinez at-bats through the end of his career. Based on an ad I heard at the time of Edgar’s retirement, the Mariners seemed to think it had something to do with the Kingdome announcer’s reading of Edgar’s name when he came up to bat. It had nothing to do with that. Its origins were in the Yankees defeat of the Mariners in game 2, a game in which the hapless Darryl Strawberry appeared for one at-bat and struck out in the 11th inning of an eventual 15-inning Yankee win. In his only appearance in Yankee Stadium during the series, Yankee fans had chanted, “Daaa-ryllllll” when Strawberry came to the plate (to no avail; he struck out swinging) and of course Seattle fans had heard that during coverage of the game. In game 4 at the Kingdome, the Yankees again brought in Darryl to pinch hit in the 9th after the Mariners, in a come-from-behind effort capped by Edgar’s grand slam in the 8th, had overcome a 5-run deficit to lead 11-6. So when Darryl came up to pinch hit in a game the Mariners were already winning, the ecstatic fans taunted Strawberry with the same “Daaaaa-rrryllll” chant, this time mockingly as he made the first out of the inning. The next night, when Edgar came up in game 5, the chant returned as the soon-to-be-famous “Eeeeed-gaaarrrr!” in an expression of our confidence in Edgar’s bat and the euphoria of that incredible come-from-behind win in game 4. In future seasons, the chant would sometimes arise in an isolated section or row, but that night, the whole Kingdome reverberated with multiple waves of “Eeeeeed-gaarrrrr!” chants leading up to the greatest roar of the season when Edgar slammed that fateful drive.

By Scott Bessho


One thought on “The Edgar Chant

  1. Actually, the Darryl Strawberry chant began with Red Sox fans, who used it to taunt Strawberry when he batted against the BoSox. That being the case, I never liked the Edgar chant in Seattle, because to me it was an example of Seattle spectators not getting what fans in more established baseball towns were doing, and why. And I hate that Darryl Strawberry, that yutz, is associated in my mind with Edgar Martinez, all because of that sing-song taunting chant.

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