One Fan’s Memory

What a season that was … I too have been remembering those days lately as we fight through this terrible season.

When Kevin brought up the My Oh My video, it reminded me of the first time I saw it. I actually got two copies for Christmas that year and I put one in on Christmas morning. While loving every part of the video, there’s a portion in which Lou is talking about the fans’ impact on the success of the team and it shows a few shots of fans during games and that was when I saw it. The Buhner Boys, as we were called. We had just graduated high school the prior June and were having the greatest summer ever, attending as many Mariner games as our low budget could afford. Obviously we sat in the bleachers each time. There was one game where we decided to paint our chests to spell out “B-U-H-N-E-R-!” We originally had six guys and then another came so we added the “!” at the end. I remember the game for Tino Martinez’s homerun, getting to be on the big screen, and the overall atmosphere in the dome was one we had never experienced. Even the upper level seats were full. Anyway, a shot of us at that game popped up on the My Oh My video for half a second and I remember freaking out and calling all my buddies. I obviously still have the video as a tribute to my ½ second of fame.

By Tony Williams


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