What I remember when I was at game five

I was seventeen-years-old when the Mariners clinched the division in 1995.  I rarely follow baseball in this day and age but I was an avid fan of our Mariners and baseball in general.  My mother worked for a Fortune 500 accounting company in Seattle so she was given tickets to game five. Center-right of home plate, about 20 rows back.  I don’t remember the entire game but I remember the atmosphere.  Everybody was going crazy.  Regardless of what was happening there was an air of inevitability in the air; absolutely electric.

Then, bottom of the ninth, Edgar Martinez came to bat and drilled a pitch over the left fielder and into the wall.  I believe that RBI drove in Griffey but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the single best moment in my life as a baseball fan.

I remember the second Martinez tattooed that ball, as the ball travelled past the left-side and left field fans, there was this wave following the ball as it drifted over the left fielder.  The Kingdome had to go but I’m telling you that between the Sonics, the Seahawks and the Mariners there was never a louder indoor moment in my experience.  I couldn’t hear for nearly two hours after the game but it didn’t matter.

I got near Martinez before the game while he was waiting to take a few swings at batting practice, literally within 15 feet or so.  I said, matter of factly, “Gonna win the series for us?” and he simply said, “Ok.”  It was awesome cause he had that smile that told me not to keep my hopes up.

I had a stroke nearly seven years ago and I have lost and never recovered almost my entire teen and adolescent memory but I’ll never forget that day and I’ll miss going to the Kingdome and watching how crazy the ball travelled through that air conditioned outfield.

By Aaron Rogers


One thought on “What I remember when I was at game five

  1. I was actually a that game as well, back when I was 12 years old. We had seats for all teh playoff home games.. our seats were about 10 rows back right by the left field foul post. I remember that double very vividly.. It was incredible. It was probably the most exciting moment in my life, Im not even kidding. I didn’t hear the sound Niehous sound clip until later, but whenever I hear that I get chills down my spine. I can’t describe it, and its strange becacuse its just a game if you think about it. That was probably my 3rd season as a mariner fan, and there was soo much hope and anticipation for the mariners to win that year, it was playoff fever all over the place. At school, at home I was glued to the newspaper and sportscenter, and all the games were so intense I remember. I didnt even realize how magical that season was either, I hadn’t been involved following any other sports tam in my life before, and i didnt follow any other sports really. The mariners were my life for the last 3 months of that season or so.

    I don;t know. Its just really interesting how much emotion comes from me, and many other people in the area when they think about the 95 mariners. It was an amazing experience watching those players, griffey, edgar, tino, cora, johnson.. all those players fight like they did, creating a very vivid experience. It was quite a phenomenon, and I think it was a amazing time for the city of Seattle.

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