Steve Kelley on the ALDS

With the rumors of Ken Griffey Jr.’s return to Seattle swirling, I wrote to Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times to ask if he’d be willing to share any of his thoughts about the ’95 season. He quickly responded with some of his recollections of the ALDS against the Yankees:

I think of everything in that series as magical. The O.J. verdict came down in the morning before Game 1. The Mariners lost both those games in New York. Tim Belcher attacked a TV camera in the hallway outside the Mariners clubhouse after game two. The great run seemed over. And then everything happened perfectly when the team came back to Seattle.

There were so many years when I was certain Seattle wasn’t going to be a baseball town. That was the game, not NBA basketball, I thought would leave the city. But to feel the emotion in the building and to listen to the sounds of those games, it still gives me chills. As for Junior on Martinez’s double. I remember writing something along the lines that it was the best piece of base-running I’d ever seen. He cut the corners on those bags so perfectly and turned what should have been a close play at the plate into an easy slide and celebration.


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