The Seattle Times on Griffey and ’95

Ryan Blethen of the Seattle Times wrote an editorial notebook item today responding to Griffey’s return to Seattle and describing his memories of Griffey’s days in the Kingdome. Here’s how he remembered the fall of 1995:

When it became official that The Kid was coming home my thoughts drifted back to the fall of 1995. The chill of fall tickled the Palouse as my fraternity brothers and I firmly planted ourselves in front of the TV for every M’s game.

I could have driven home to watch any number of games as Griffey and the M’s came from 13 ½ back to win the American League West. I didn’t. I could not give up the shared elation and camaraderie. I wanted to experience the M’s success with those who understood what it meant to me. We were rooting for a team and a player that helped define our youth.

By Ryan Blethen


One thought on “The Seattle Times on Griffey and ’95

  1. 95′ was the season to remember, fall leaves, fall baseball and the fallen yankees. 95′ was my turn around to loving baseball and the game, the player (Jr.) and all of the rest of players that made that season the best…

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