A Few Stories From the Aftermath of ’95

In the aftermath of the Mariners playoff run, the Seattle Times solicited stories from people about how the ’95 team had impacted them. I noticed the stories while looking the collection of newspapers from the run that I have, and they’re also available through the Times’ archives. Here are a few of the stories people sent in:

Romance in the stands
Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend had been wanting to ask me to marry him, but wanted the occasion to be very special. He was trying to decide how to pull this off when the Mariners did it for him. It happened on Oct. 8, the final game with the Yankees. It was that fabulous and magical moment when Edgar, with Griffey on base, hit that sweet line drive into the left-field corner, which scored Griffey from first to win the game. In the midst of 57,411 screaming, over-the-edge Mariner fans, Daniel turned to me, told me to take my earplugs out, and proposed to me. I am a huge Mariner fan, and he knew how special that moment was to me. I want to thank the Mariners for giving me the most exciting, magical and romantic moment of my life. – Mary Ogdon & Daniel Clark

Angel on her shoulder
I inherited my season tickets from my friend, Kathy Walsh, after I found her unexplainably dead on her dining room floor Memorial Day weekend. We had attended many games together, and her family gave me a set of season tickets. I attended all the rest of the games, and Kathy was sitting on my shoulder. This was my grief therapy. – Sandi Meggert

Brightened our home
My dad took me to my first Mariner game in 1979 when I was 10 years old. Last Christmas, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has spent the last nine months confined to the house, but we have still enjoyed watching the games on TV. I know that even while his health is deteriorating, it has been a joy to him to watch the games. Thanks for bringing a little light into our lives for the past 16 years, and especially in the past month. – Betsy Coffey


One thought on “A Few Stories From the Aftermath of ’95

  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/hof10/news/story?id=4755544

    Here’s a snippet:

    Edgar, it seems, was always there — he was one of us, suffering through Bobby Ayala’s blown saves but delivering the big hits — most notably the 11th-inning double that scored Joey Cora and Griffey to beat the Yankees in the ’95 playoffs. All that hit did was help keep the Mariners in Seattle. (Many forget that the game before he had one of the greatest single-game playoff performances ever: 3-for-4 with a walk, a three-run homer and an eighth-inning grand slam off John Wetteland as the Mariners rallied from a 5-0 deficit.)

    I never forget the game before, because I was there. I was one of those screaming fans that shouted EDGAR, EDGAR, EDGAR, EDGAR forever as we all made our way out of the top deck of the Kingdome.

    I will never forget that night as long as I live. Thanks Edgar!

    Dan Trujillo
    Vancouver, WA

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