This page gathers together descriptions and links to the various audio/video clips and pictures from the 1995 season available online (links may fail over time). First, here’s a link to the video of ALDS game 5, as announced by Brent Musburger and Jim Kaat on ABC, and available on iTunes for $1.99 (it’s about 3 hours 40 minutes long, no commercials, with a few minutes of bonus post-game footage of the celebration and interviews). If you’re looking for the Niehaus call, it looks like it’s just not available. But if you’re looking for other material in response to Dave’s death, the Seattle Times has a section on him, and so do the Mariners.

Here’s a link to a 71-second package of Randy Johnson clips, including ’95 of course, that the Mariners put together in response to his retirement. This page on the Seattle Mariners’ official website covers Seattle baseball from the end of the Pilots up to recent years. Clips of Edgar’s double and other ’95 exploits show up around the 3.5-minute mark. has just posted a minute-long clip of Brent Musberger and ABC broadcasting Edgar’s three-run homer in game 4 of the ’95 ALDS. The Mariners have responded to Griffey’s return to Seattle in early ’09 by posting quite a few video clips from his Mariners years, including the Double, Junior breaking his wrist on May 26, and his game-winning homer on August 24 against the Yankees, along with some other highlights. They also posted an interview of Griffey around 1991 presenting his top 5 catches so far in his career and a short This Week in Baseball rap highlights video to the tune of U Can’t Touch This, called “I Can Hit This.” Just do a search for Ken Griffey from either of those pages to get more video clips on Junior at You can find a few videos of Griffey returning to Safeco in 2007 at this page.

If you’ve come here looking for the “My Oh My” vhs video that chronicles the 1995 season, I can say that I’ve seen My Oh My as a dvd reprint edition, on sale in Mariners team stores in late 2010 for $18 before tax. I don’t know if the team is selling it online at this point, and the vhs original is available for less. has a video clip of Don Mattingly hitting his lone postseason home run at Yankee Stadium in game 1 of the ALDS here. There is this official Mariners history homepage, including a gallery commemorating Edgar’s retirement in 2004. There’s this 3.5 minute video on the birth of Safeco in 1994-1995 and then its construction, with a clip of the Double. Another clip of the Double is sandwiched around some people talking about what life would be like if the Double had never happened. A few other clips of the Double and other ’95 moments have popped up on YouTube from time to time only to be removed at the behest of MLB. If you’re looking to see if clips are there right now, click here.

There are several pages of audio clips from the season available. I’ve gathered up some excerpts from game recordings during the 1995 season and posted them to The clips start with Griffey breaking his hand making his catch at the Kingdome wall on May 26 and end with the Kingdome crowd cheering the team after it had lost game 6 of the ALCS to the Indians to end the season. There are a few pages of clips, but the main one is here, with 10 clips in the AAC format that the iPod and iTunes uses. Another page, here, includes Mariner players like Jay Buhner, Tino Martinez, and Jeff Nelson, along with Lou Piniella, talking at different points in the season, especially the playoffs. And another page has clips from the clubhouse after The Double from Mike Blowers, Griffey, and Vince Coleman.

Most of these recordings are pulled from a cd, Seattle Mariners 20th Anniversary With Dave Niehaus, that the Mariners put out in 1997. The cd’s out of print: there are a few used and new copies available from people selling them on Amazon, here, but at steep prices. For whatever reason the Mariners didn’t put out a 25th or 30th anniversary cd, and even though they spent a lot of time celebrating Dave Niehaus joining the Hall of Fame in summer 2008, they didn’t put out a second, updated cd of his recordings. There is also the “Season to Remember” ’95 cd put out by 710 KIRO after the season. I have some extra copies of this cd as well, and if you make a donation to this site of $10 or more (much more reasonable than the 20th anniversary cd prices), I’ll be happy to mail you a copy. Just drop me a note. I have some cassette copies of “Season to Remember” as well, and could mail you a copy in return for a $5 donation. Also, you can pay to watch game 5 online at

I’ve put up four other clips from the season to another page at, here. There are a few different file formats available for your listening pleasure, but two of the clips duplicate each other and I haven’t been able to delete the duplicate. I’ve gotten my hands on the classic Mariners commercials DVD (1994-2002) given away at Safeco in 2009. I’ve taken the audio from two of the spots and posted them to They’re two 1996 commercials that parody, in the first case, Joey Cora crying at the end of the 1995 ALCS vs. the Indians. And, in the second clip, Ken Griffey Jr.’s cow prank on Lou Piniella in the 1995 spring training.

In ’96, Almost Live did a pretty funny six-minute parody of Niehaus’ call of Edgar’s grand slam in game 4 of the ALDS, Rizzs’ call of Sojo’s bases-clearing hit vs. the Angels, Cora’s bunt single in game 5, and the Double, with the “low-key baseball network” announcer giving his very understated calls of the plays, and Rizzs and Niehaus coming on to reprise their own calls. It’s available here.

Ken Griffey Jr. has two websites. Both are outdated, and I wouldn’t expect either one to get audio/video/pictures from ’95 anytime soon. But, you can try them: they’re at this site and at this site.

Also, I’ve gathered together ten audio clips from A Diamond in the Emerald City: 10 years of Mariner Baseball, a video put out by the Mariners after the 1986 season. It has nothing to do with ’95, but I figure many people interested in the ’95 season will also be interested in these clips. They range from tapes of commercials by Lenny Randle, Julio Cruz, and Tom Paciorek to Ruppert Jones talking about his and the Mariners first season. There’s background music in some of them, and the clips don’t always start and end perfectly cleanly, but they’re a nice look back at the early Mariners days. You can hear them here. They’re also in the AAC format. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also note that Mario Lanza, who’s written the long Best Six Weeks of My Life essay here that summarizes life as a Mariners fan from the early ’80s through 1995, has also written some stories about the bad/good old days of Mariner fandom. Also, I recently interviewed Andy Benes, a mid-season ’95 M’s pickup, about his time as a Mariner.

Well, there are also two clips from 1996, one of Alex Rodriguez hitting a game-winning single to start the season, and another one of Dave Niehaus reacting to the earthquake on May 2. That page is here. For the oldtime Seattle baseball fans who’ve made their way here: I’ve also recorded some audio clips of the old Seattle Rainiers, Fred Hutchinson and Leo Lassen and Emil Sicks mostly, and you can hear those clips here. Fans of the Kingdome can read an elegy I wrote upon its demise here. I just recently bought a set of the 1995 Mariners Memories commemorative baseball card set that Pacific Trading Cards put together after the season: I haven’t opened it up, but it has 50 cards picturing the players and about 15 moments from the season. It seems to be a pretty rare item now, though, and I don’t know where you’d get it.

A few months ago I went over to Beacon Hill and picked up whole stacks of newspapers from 1995 from a guy. Mostly they’re copies of the Seattle Times’ coverage of the Mariners dating from mid-August to mid-October. I took pictures of the covers of the sports sections and some front pages and put them up in a gallery at Photobucket. The gallery’s at this page. It has some other pictures as well, including a handful from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s book about 1995, A Season to Remember.

Finally, the Beacon Hill treasure trove also included a bunch of newspapers about the Seattle Mariners of 2001, and I posted pictures of them on Photobucket too. You can find that gallery at this page. I’ve now added a third page of miscellaneous Mariners images from 1987 through 2004 and Edgar’s last game at this page.


8 thoughts on “Audio/Video/Pictures

  1. I have been searching and searching, but I cannot find a copy of the entire game 5 announced by Niehaus and Rizz, only the one with Musberger which sucks. Do you know of any way I can access this game with Niehuas and rizz announcing? Tiebreaker with Angels?

  2. Is it possible to find game 4 of the ALDS series against the Yankees. I have been searching for that forever! I know they have to have it on tape or cd somewhere. I think that game was just as or more exciting than game 5 and i’m dying to watch it. If you have any info please email me at… thanks

  3. Great site. I love looking through the clips. By any chance do know where I can get an audio clip of Dave Niehaus’ “Old Time Religion” call, when Junior hit a pinch hit home run against the diamond backs on 6/19/2009. I can’t find it anywhere!


  4. I Still would like to find a copy of the AL West Tiebreaker against the Angels off KIRO with Dave Niehaus and Rick Rizzs.

  5. There was Norm Charlton commercial where he had team members on the worlds best mattress. Funniest comm ever. Any ideas. Nothing seems to be clicking w.r to Google and YouTube.

  6. Great site..
    I am looking for the song The seattle mariners are on a roll in the tune of old time rock and roll.. I cant find this anywhere.. I believe the song was on 97.3 any help greatly appreciated.

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